Is it worth learning JavaScript in 2018 ?

JavaScript known as JS is a lightweight, cross-platform, object oriented scripting language. It is commonly used in web pages to create interactive effects. Together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three core technologies in web development.

JavaScript was traditionally only used in browser environment, well not anymore. Yeah you heard me right, thanks to Node.js, now we can use JavaScript on the server side as well. We are not going to talk about node right now, we just wanted you to know that you are not bound to use JavaScript on client side only, you can use it on server side too.

JavaScript is a beautiful language in my opinion, why? Today’s most popular technologies out there like Node.js, Angular, Vue and React are all based on JavaScript.

This is 2017 survey insight of Stackoverflow. You can see JavaScript is at the top of the list. If you’re familiar with any of the Js frameworks like Vue, Angular or Node.js it will be easier to get a job (indeed this is the case for Nepal too). Before starting any of those frameworks, it is better to start learning core JavaScript first 🙂 .

JavaScript is everywhere, from web, mobile to desktop. Few examples :

Desktop : You can use vue, angular or any other js technologies and wrap it up with electron to create desktop applications.

Mobile : Hybrid apps, Progressive web apps are trending technologies right now, with these technologies you can create mobile applications easily.

Well hybrid apps are like native app runs on the device and are written in Html5, Css & JavaScript .

A Progressive Web App is an application built using web technology that runs in the browser and may be added to the home screen.

You can even create games using JavaScript, there are many JavaScript games engines out there. Off the top of my head, phaser and cocos2d-js are great to start with.

Node.js, Meteor.js, etc. the lists will keep going on and on. Just try it out and learn, it’ll be worth trying. Well, JavaScript never ceases to amaze me, hope it works for you too. Best of luck ! 🙂

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