Disable signup in Laravel built-in Authentication


Laravel ships with many features out of box and one of them is Authentication. With a enter, you can create a complete authentication system for your application.

To use laravel built in authentication, all we have to do is enter the command :

php artisan make:auth

This command will generate login, registering and many other functionality with blade views and many other helpers. This is a very helpful process because most of the application needs authentication and if we are developing application using laravel, with in a seconds we will have our authentication system ready and we are good to go.

Getting started

Sometimes, we need to disable registration and keep signing in feature only. This might sound complex but this is pretty easy. All we have to do is write out this single line of code and we are done with this.

Now, this is easiest ways to handle or disable the registration process on Laravel. We have others way too . Happy coding 🙂 ! 


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