Best practices : Naming conventions

The importance for following best practices in your code not just increases your code readability but will help you to create quality software as well.Back then i always used to think what would be the best practices for naming our functions, classes and all. After reading many articles and codes, this is how i started to do.

Mostly used naming conventions are

  1. underscore
  2. camel case
  3. pascal case

let’s dig a little deeper to the above list of commonly used naming conventions.

underscore : Many developers uses this naming convention for variables and sometimes functions as well. Examples : $first_name, $last_name, is_admin() etc. Bonus tips : variables should start with a small letter.

camel case : This convention is mostly used in methods.Methods start with a small letter and follow camel case approach.Examples : getUsername(), getUserRoles() etc.

pascal case : Pascal case are used in Class. The first letter of every word in a class name would be capital. Examples : User, AccountHistory etc.

Some other tips :

Constants are separated using underscore and they must be uppercase. Examples : GREETING, ERROR_WARNING etc.

Interface are same as the class except it is an adjective instead of the noun. Example : BarInterface ,PaintInterface etc.

Comparison with some of the php frameworks and CMS

CodeIgniter Framework
WordPress cmslower_caselower_case
Laravel FrameworkPascalCasecamelCase* *


* can be referred as not having a specific rules. Though I would suggest camelCase for functions and lower_case for variables.

At the end , we just want to say there is no one universal way. These above ways of naming conventions are just the preferred way by many developers including us.What about you ? How do you name your functions and classes? You can drop in comment section. 🙂 Happy coding.

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